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Tut Tut driver Siem Reap
Jungle trees
Water Lotus, Angkor wat
Ruins, Ta Prohm
Tree Roots, Ta Prohm
Doorway view, Ta Prohm
Hidden Buddha, Ta Prohm
Banyon Face
Elephant detail, Banyon
Terrace of the Elephants
Tourist crowds, Banyon
Terrace of the elephants
Tut Tuts Terrace of the Elephants
Local, Angkor Wat
Buddha Face, Banyon
View to Angor Wat from Entrance block
Caretaker Nun, Banyon
Banyon face in morning sun)
Caretaker Nun, Banyon View back to Entrance block, Angkor Wat
Caretaker nun, Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Caretaker Nun, Angkor Wat
Apsara Detail, Angkor Wat
Detail with Jungle background , Angkor Wat
Entrance block doorway early morning light, Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat reflections
Stair Detail, Angkor wat
Stairs to central temple, Angkor Wat
Buddha detail Banyon
Window detail, Angkor Wat
Banyon Buddha
Aerial view of local village
Sitting Buddhas detail, Banyon
Ruins, Ta Prohm
Angor Wat
Entrance Buddha, Ta Prohm
Detail Banyon
Clothed Buddha, Banyon
Buddha Face, Banyon
Dancing Asparas Detail, Banyon
Kbal Spean
Suspended block, Banyon
Wedding car, Siem Reap Town
Detail, Banteay Srey
Street side view, Siem Reap
Banteay Srey

Angkor wat reflections

Angkor Wat sunrise
Angkor wat
Children dancing, Sunrise Foundation Orphanage, Siem Reap
Home made excavator, Sunrise Foundation, Siem Reap
Road side snacks, Outskirts siem Reap
Canal bridge, outskirts Siem Reap
Water Buffaloe, Outskirts Siem Reap
Local Road, outskirts Siem Reap
Banyon Face
Detail, Banyon
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