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Local taxi driver
Blue ice, Lago Grey Torres del Paine Suspension bridge, Los Perros Suspension bridge, Los Perros
Windswept bushes Carlos! timber cart, Seron Sunrise, Torres Estancia Cerro Paine
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Valle de Frances
am. Lago Dickson Twighlight, Dickson River crossing
Trail to Dickson
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Lago Grey
Chilean flag Grey fox
Valle de Frances fom Pehoe
Sky, Sur Helio Sur Helio ice Glav iron houses, Puerto Natales Guanaco Calved ice, Gl. Grey
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Shrouded mountains Co. Paine Chico S. Canal Senoret 51 43 39
Torres, Valle de Frances Puerto Natales Paso John Garner, 1241m, 12:20pm Paso John Garner, 12:21pm
Suspension Bridge, La Hosteria
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Glacier Los Perros
Map, Puerto Natales Catedral detail, Santiago
Ice, Terminus Los Perros
CE Chile
Speeding bus, Santiago Campamento Paso
Campamento Paso
Torres form Lago Grey Sunrise, Campamento Hosteria
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Blue Ice, Sur Helio
strata sky Trekker, Dickson
Sunrise Torres del Paine
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Trailside Flora
Trailside Flora
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