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Road to Quomolongma (Mt. Everest)
Detail, Jokang Monastery, Llhasa Women carrying firewood, Ronbuk, Mount Everest General store, Tingri
Rongbuk Monastery
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Yak butter candles, Jokang Monastery
Children in village, Friendship highway
Boy monks, Gyantse Monastery Carved prayer stones, Lake Nam Tso
Truck, Nam Tso
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To a quote with this photo
Woman with prayer wheel, Jokang Monastery
Kumbum Stupa, Gyantse Climbers tents, Everest base camp
Stupa, Rongbuk Monastery, Mt. Everest
Trekking into storms, Nam Tso
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Monks, Gyantse Monastery
Chinese policeman, Friendship highway Village on hill, Friendship highway Drying wool, Tingri Old Tibetan currency note
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