Hillside Caves, Annapurna Region, Nepal
Hillside Caves,
Annapurna region,
Selected Haiku
(by Basho)
Waterjar cracks:
I lie awake
This icy night.

Spring rain-
under trees
a crystal stream.

Summer grasses,
all that remains
of soldiers' dreams.

Yellow rose petals,
a waterfall.
Heron's cry
Stabs the darkness

Cormorant fishing:
how stirring,
how saddening

First winter rain,
I plod on,
Traveller, my name
Matsuo Basho, 1644 - 1694
Matsuo Basho is a Japanese poet reknowned for his part in developing Haiku.  Short pure  poetry written within simple rules, it is said that  true Haiku arises from a moment of enlightenment.

Basho was a traveller.  He considered the cities a corrupting influence and looked towards nature for his inspiration. 

His poems relate to me moments of reflection and stillness.  I can feel the cold on my face, smell the dew in trees and in the case of the water jar, sense the echoing quiet of the broken night.
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